Engl.: Remy Bonjasky:

Remy Bonjasky (* 10. January 1976 in Paramaribo, Suriname) is a Muay Thai fighter and K-1 sportsman living in the Netherlands. He became 2003, 2004 and 2008 K-1 World-Grand-Prix-Champion. His nickname is Flying Gentleman. He received this nickname because of his ability to deliver flying knees and high kicks that can knockout the opponent immediately.

Source: Wikipedia


K-1 WORLD GP 2008 Champion
K-1 WORLD GP 2004 Champion
K-1 WORLD GP 2003 Champion
K-1 WORLD GP 2003 in Las Vegas Champion
W.P.K.A. World Superheavyweight Champion


Name: Remy Bonjasky

Nickname: The Flying Gentleman

Birth: 10. January 1976

Height: 192cm

Weight: 105kg

Style: Muay Thai

Nationality: Netherlands

Trainer: Ivan Hippolyte

Trainer: Eric Warmerdam

Manager: Charley Heus

Webmaster: Terrence Wong Swie San


Total Fights: 84
Total Wins: 69
Total losses: 13
Total (T)KO's: 42
K-1 Fights: 49
K-1 Wins: 39
K-1 (T)KO's: 17
K-1 Losses: 10

Quelle: Wikipedia and RemyBonjasky.com